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Is Money Speech? A Discussion on Citizens United

photoThe Libertarian Party of Chicago Meetup Group

Kit Cabello and WC Turck of Hard Lens Media will host a forum/debate on Citizens United at 5pm, February 24th 2017. Participants include Matt Cotten, Organizing Director for Wolf-Pac, and Ted Chakos, Miami School of Law Graduate and member of the Chicago Libertarian Party. The forum will take place at Leadway Bar and Grill, 5233 North Damen in Chicago. The forum addresses how Citizens United impacts our political system and how money impacts politics. This will be a fun event, drinks and food are available for purchase at the bar. The forum/debate will air on CANTV.

Chicago, IL 60640 – USA

Friday, February 24 at 4:30 PM


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Is Money Speech? A Discussion on Citizens United

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

As discussed at our previously monthly meeting, it has been proposed to amend the Libertarian Party of Chicago's bylaws. The purposes of these amendments are:

1. Allow the Executive Committee to delegate tasks and actions. This will allow our Executive Committee to issue statements (i.e. press releases) and make other timely decisions without waiting for the next monthly meeting.

2. Require that new members agree to a statement of the Non-Agression Principle.

3. Clarify that Party meetings may take place via phone or audio/video chat. As always, notice will be given in advance of all Party meetings.

4. Formalize the position of Webmaster.

See the link below for a version showing what has been updated:

Bylaws Amendments



The Libertarian Party of Chicago



Bylaw 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be “The Libertarian Party of Chicago" hereafter referred to as the Party.


Bylaw 2: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the ideals specified in the National Libertarian Party Statement of Principles by any means consistent with those principles.

Bylaw 3: Membership

Any person who supports the principles of libertarianism shall be eligible for membership.

A member shall be any person whose dues are current and who has affirmed that he or she is not a member of any other chapter of the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

A member, upon joining the Party, must agree to the following: "I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals."


Bylaw 4: Meeting Rules

A regular meeting shall be held at least once a month.

Robert's Rules of Order shall govern meetings.

Only members may vote.

Proxy voting is allowed in all cases except removal of an officer. A signed letter shall be presented to the Secretary as evidence of a vote transfer.

A quorum shall be three officers and one general member.

The Chair must make a reasonable, good faith effort to notify the membership of meeting times and places via email, phone or social media.

The Party may meet by any means that allows simultaneous aural communication among all participants.


Bylaw 5: Officers

All officers must be members.

A member may hold only one office.

Elections shall be held for all offices at the Annual Meeting.

Terms of office shall not exceed one year.

If no one is elected to an office, that office shall remain vacant. The Chair may appoint someone to fulfill the duties of a vacant office and special elections to fill a vacant office may be held at any time.

An officer may be removed at any time by a three-fourths vote of the members present or by the vote of four members of the Executive Committee.


Bylaw 6: Executive Committee

The officers of the organization shall be Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair. These five officers comprise the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall establish dues, and review and approve the budget at the Annual Meeting, have the power to form committees on an ad hoc basis to delegate tasks and actions, establish rules for how committees operate, and must approve any disbursement greater than $100.00.


Bylaw 7: Duties

The Chair shall determine the dates and locations of all meetings. He or she must notify the members of such dates and locations. The Chair shall mediate all meetings or appoint a member of the Executive Committee to do so in his or her absence.

The SOC Representative shall attend all state meetings. If the SOC Representative is unable to attend, he or she must appoint another member of the Executive Committee to attend in his or her place.

The Treasurer shall prepare monthly and annual financial statements, balance all accounts, file any forms required by any applicable election boards and taxing bodies, account for all receipts and donations, account for all disbursements, and propose a budget two months prior to the Annual Meeting. The fiscal year shall coincide with the calendar year.

The Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings, handle all official correspondence, submit monthly information to the state newsletter informing them of club activities, check the LPC phone line for messages and respond accordingly, declare a quorum, send personal meeting invitations to all inquiries as forwarded by national, and provide a copy of the bylaws to any member who requests one.

The Membership Chair shall manage the Webmaster, maintain all membership information, head all recruitment efforts, provide exact membership numbers upon request for voting purposes, and lead any other effort related to membership recruitment and retention as defined by the Executive Committee. The Fundraising Chair shall manage all activities or correspondence related to the raising of funds and lead any other effort related to the raising of funds as defined by the Executive Committee.

The Webmaster shall update and manage, and maintain online presence on other social media.


Bylaw 8: Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held every year in January. Elections for all offices shall be held at the Annual Meeting.


Bylaw 9: Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Party in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Party may adopt.


Bylaw 10: Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any regular monthly meeting. In order for an amendment to be adopted, the approval of two-thirds of the membership is needed.

The Libertarian Party of Chicago Monthly Meetup

photoThe Libertarian Party of Chicago Meetup Group

If you’re interested in Liberty, you are invited to join us for our Monthly Meetup. You don’t have to be a “member” of the Libertarian Party to attend. Here’s an opportunity to spend an evening with like-minded individuals discussing what’s important to us…freedom!

Every other month we have a business meeting which lasts about an hour, which you’re welcome to attend. After that, and on alternate months, we just get together to talk about what’s going on: in politics, books we’ve read, movies to see, events to attend, and how to spread the word about Liberty.

Location is TBD. Once determined, we will post a new meetup event with the details.

Attendance is free. You do not have to be a “member” of the Libertarian Party to attend. Bring a friend, even! 

Hope to see you!

Chicago, IL 60657 – USA

Tuesday, March 7 at 7:00 PM


Here is the original:
The Libertarian Party of Chicago Monthly Meetup

Phone Bank for LP Illinois

photoThe Libertarian Party of Chicago Meetup Group

Join The Libertarian Party of Chicago for a phone banking event aiming to spread the word and grow the Libertarian Party of Illinois. To join in the fun, we ask volunteers simply to bring their mobile phone to help make calls​. A talking script will be provided.

Anyone wanting to help but not located in the Chicago area can contact to learn how to participate.

When: Saturday, Feb. 18th, 2016 at 12 PM
Where: Chicago Public Library – Uptown, 929 W. Buena Avenue, Chicago IL 60613 (A few steps north of the from the Sheridan Red Line stop. Library website: https://www.chipublib…)

Coffee and donuts will likely be provided (we may have to sneak them in).

Chicago, IL 60613 – USA

Saturday, February 18 at 12:00 PM


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Phone Bank for LP Illinois

The Libertarian Party of Chicago defends free speech, affirms non-aggression in wake of UC Berkeley riot

The Libertarian Party strongly supports the Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, religion, expression, and assembly, and furthermore, stands committed to the principle of non-aggression. Indeed, the initiation of force in order to silence one’s political adversaries is directly opposed to the freedoms that America holds dear. It is because of these principles that The Libertarian Party of Chicago officially states our condemnation of the violence and aggression that occurred at UC Berkeley on the night of February 1, 2017. That evening, masked protesters took to the campus grounds of California’s flagship university and violently prevented conservative editorialist Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking. As Libertarians, we recognize the legitimate right to peacefully demonstrate against Mr. Yiannopoulos’ message, but we firmly condemn as illegitimate the violence and intimidation engaged in by some protesters to block Mr. Yiannopoulos’ right to speak.

The Libertarian Party takes an ethical stance against aggression of any kind used to achieve one’s aims, be they political, economic, or to block another individual’s right to speak and express his or herself. Further, we recognize that using violence and intimidation to achieve one’s political aims is the very definition of terrorism.  While we do not agree with various aspects of Mr. Yiannopoulos’ message, we do fully support his right to speak at an event to which he was invited.

Reports indicate that some protesters threw bricks and shot fireworks at police and at the building in which Mr. Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak.  Police barricades were used as battering rams to break windows and force entry into campus buildings.  Video has emerged of masked protesters viciously beating people to the point of unconsciousness, using pepper spray on objectors to the protest, and blocking and attacking passing vehicles.  While not all protesters are reported to have engaged in these acts of violence, those that did have lent their illegitimacy to the message that the peaceful protesters were attempting to communicate. Furthermore, we do not hold UC Berkeley responsible for the violent actions taken against Mr. Yiannopoulos, nor do we hold the majority of protesters responsible for the actions of a violent few.

This violence hits close to home for Chicagoans.  On March 11th, 2016, protesters disrupted a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois Chicago campus, causing the protest to be canceled before Mr. Trump could take the stage.  Protesters started fights with rally attendees, rushed the stage and briefly took over the microphone, while outside more protesters gathered, some blocking ambulances from taking the wounded to receive medical treatment.

Two months later, Mr. Yiannopoulos spoke at DePaul University in Chicago, where he was interrupted by hecklers. He was eventually forced to leave prematurely when protesters broke into the event, took over the stage and the microphone, and began hurling insults at the spectators.

We stand for the rights of all individuals to speak, assemble and express themselves freely — and we stand against the use of violence, force, intimidation, and aggression to rob others of these inherent rights. We find this alarming trend of intimidation and violence in the face of opposing opinions to be unacceptable behavior in a civilized society, and as Libertarians, we firmly condemn such methods. We welcome those who feel the same to join our cause as either a member or an ally.

In Liberty,

The Libertarian Party of Chicago 

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