Help Lex Green’s Campaign! Handing out flyers and more!

photoThe Chicago Libertarian Party Meetup Group

Hello everyone,

This event is being organized so that we can bring the troops down to Bloomington, IL to help get Lex Green elected as the Mayor of Bloomington. It is a non partisan race which means no Dem or Rep in front of the candidates names, which is a big help. It is a three way race with the 4 candidate recently dropping out and giving his endorsement to Lex Green. That being said, this is a race we can win!! We will be handing out flyers and possibly putting flyers inside of mail boxes to get Lex’s name out there. The election is in early April so now is the time. Hope to see all of you there. If you need help coordinating rides down there please make comments on this page and we will see if we can help you. Amtrak also serves Bloomington.

To get there (if heading south) you will take the first exit in Bloomington (Veterans Parkway) and take that south to Clearwater Avenue…turn left onto Clearwater, then an immediate left into the shopping center (Strip mall) parking lot. We will meet by the Dollar Tree store.

Bloomington, IL 61704 – USA

Saturday, March 23 at 11:15 AM

Attending: 3


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Help Lex Green’s Campaign! Handing out flyers and more!

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